Boxer Superstores

Boxer is a full-service supermarket offering everything under one roof, including an in store bakery, butchery, hot foods and fresh fruit & vegetable department – providing a one-stop shopping experience. Known for its commitment to giving the very best customer service it can offer, Boxer is famous for being the price-fighting champion of the people. The store’s promise to customers is “Never pay more than the Boxer price” which is made possible by the convenience of its friendly, efficient and market-style atmosphere.
Stores are located in all provinces across South Africa and in Swaziland. Boxer Head Office is based in Westville, KwaZulu-Natal.

Boxer Build

Boxer Build opened its doors in May 2004. These builders’ hardware outlets are located in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal Provinces. Boxer Build stocks a diverse range of builder hardware products that help the home owner and contractors get their building and DIY products that they want at the most competitive prices. Boxer Build’s promise to customers is to: Provide a complete range of products to build a basic house. Provide quality materials to customers. Provide building materials at low prices. Provide knowledgeable and excellent service. Provide building materials to the commercial or private builder. Boxer Build offers customers a savings card and credit loans can be set up within all branches. Transport for purchased products can also be arranged at store level, making it more convenient for their shoppers.

Boxer Punch

Boxer Punch is a smaller sized supermarket offering.  The store has basic fixtures and fittings with relatively low-expense overheads enabling the business to further reduce the selling prices of products on shelf. Boxer Punch Stores offer consumers low prices that boast a range of key products which satisfy the demand that exists within the targeted shopper base. These stores are based at convenient locations that have a lot of customer foot traffic around them. A focused product range on basic lines, pre-packed meat; and a limited range of breads and confectionary is the model that has been used for the Boxer Punch Stores concept.

Boxer Liquors

Boxer Liquors are outlets that are based in locations that trade in close proximity to the Boxer store in town. The Boxer Liquors offering is distinct in look, however, it also retains a similar style that has been inherited from the mother brand, Boxer. Boxer Liquors’ outlets carry a focused range of basic KVI alcoholic beverages, which are sold at competitive prices. Ice is also available on site, adding an element of convenience for this targeted shopper base.

Boxer Super Meats

Boxer Super Meats was developed due to a seen existing gap that Boxer identified as an opportunity to further entrench the ‘icon’ness of its meat business. Boxer is famous for its protein offering, hence, the opportunity to roll out butchery format stores known as ‘Boxer Super Meats’. These butchery format stores consist of a curated selection of meat products, both freshly cut and in frozen prepacks with a basic everyday range of grocery items. Offering high quality cuts of meat this butchery offering relies on high customer traffic volumes in busy consumer nodes.