Boxer Build

Boxer Build opened its doors in May 2004. These builders’ hardware outlets are located in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal Provinces. Boxer Build stocks a wide range of competitively priced hardward and building materials for the DIY market, the home builder and the commercial builder. In addition to merchandise, the brand offering retains knowledgeable and experienced staff who are trained to provide excellent building advice and support to the commercial and private builder and renovator. It even offers a lay-bye system with credit facilities for shoppers.

Doing it right the first time

Boxer Build’s shoppers cannot afford to make a wrong decision when it comes to their basic building needs. Through quality advice Boxer Build staff empowers the purchaser with the right advice helping them make the right choice.

New generation stores

A blend of consumer friendly yet robust trading layouts is the order of the day at Boxer Build. With the strong brand colours of yellow, black and red this distinctive builders’ hardware offering is unique in appearance both within the confines of the store through to the size-ability of its bulk trading yard. The new generation concept aesthetics bring a sense of pride of appearance of these hardware stores.

Lay-Bye & credit available

Boxer Build caters for the saving consumer via a Lay-Bye card facility, whereby customers deposit monthly amounts accumulating a total which they will ultimately use for their building requirements. Carefully vetted applicants also qualify for credit on affordable terms.

Everything for a home build

The outlet provides a complete range of quality materials to build a basic house. With staff that are well versed in building knowledge to best assist the home builder through to the commercial contractor at discounted low prices.

Destination shop

The Boxer Build model is a cost effective model for the developer enabling low cost construction costs. The Boxer Build model trades successfully as a destination shop existing in peripheral locations if required. Purchasing Boxer Build shoppers can also have transport arranged for their bulk purchased building goods.