Boxer Money Transfers Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

• Newshelf 1315 (Pty) Ltd trading as CBSA Services, Pick n Pay Retailers (Pty) Ltd (Pick n Pay) and Boxer Superstores (Pty) Ltd (Boxer) will help you to transfer money. These terms and conditions therefore apply to you, us, Pick n Pay and Boxer.

• These terms and conditions set out important things that you should be aware of when using Money Transfer. They apply each time that you transfer money. Carefully read clauses in bold as these may limit your rights.

• For any queries, contact the customer contact centre on 0860 000 387.

2. Limitations on transferring money

• Money Transfer is only available to you if have a valid South African ID book or smart ID card.
• You can transfer money whenever you want, subject to the following limits:
– You can only transfer R5 000 per day;
– You can only transfer R15 000 during any month;
– You can only transfer money within South Africa.

• You will not earn interest on any money deposited with Money Transfer.

3. Privacy

• When you register for Money Transfer, we are required by law to identify you. We will therefore:
– take a photograph of you;
– scan two of your fingerprints; and
– take a copy of your ID book or smart ID card.

• Your personal details, biometrics (photograph and fingerprints) and your ID will only be used for:
– identifying and verifying (confirming) your identity;
– processing Money Transfers; and
– making changes to your personal details.

• To use your biometrics for any other use, we will need to get your consent which you can choose to give us.

• Because you need to use a Smart Shopper or Boxer Money Services card to transfer money, you agree that we can send your full names, gender, date of birth, identity number, cellphone number and Smart Shopper or Boxer Money Services card number to Pick n Pay or Boxer.

• If you have agreed, we may contact you to offer other products to you and use your personal details for that purpose. If you change your mind, you can choose to opt out for free at any Kiosk provided by CBSA Services or by responding to the SMS you receive from us (standard SMS rates apply).

4. Limitations on your rights

• You must keep the code that you receive from us secret and only send it to the person you want to transfer the money to. Having this code is like having cash and if somebody else finds out the code and draws the money, you cannot claim from us, Pick n Pay or Boxer.

• It is your responsibility to ensure that the person you want to transfer the money to receives the code and collects the money correctly. You cannot claim from us, Pick n Pay or Boxer if that person does not receive the SMS, or does not follow the correct process to draw the money.

• You understand that our system may experience technical issues from time to time that are beyond our control and that may cause the system not to work or to be unavailable. In these circumstances you will have no claim against us, Pick n Pay or Boxer other than to have the amount of the Money Transfer, and the fee you paid to do the Money Transfer, refunded to you if it is lost.

5. Changes to these terms and conditions

• We may need to change these terms and conditions, including increasing the fee for the Money Transfer. If we do, we will notify you of the changes by SMS.

• If you don’t like the changes, you can either stop using us to transfer money or you can cancel your registration. If you transfer money after we have told you about a change, we assume that you have accepted the change. If you cancel your registration, you can no longer transfer money using Money Transfer.

• We can cancel or suspend your registration if we have good reason to suspect or find that you have done anything illegal in relation to the Money Transfer.