Young women’s motivational session held

Young women’s motivational session held Intelligence, networking, C.WpOrAie jargon ;mid feminist unity, were the factors that stood out at a social gathering of around 40 young, ambitious and goal driven wom en This5nece S5fut event, under the title tf ‘If Am the Female of file Species’_ toek plaee on Saturday afternoon at Botilokong Youth Calre, in BethiChatt and was organized by 25 year old ilturnelerm Might and 24 year old Ishepiso IvIodise. Discussion sessions took place where 5 speakers shared advice on various topics such as entrepreneurship, career experiences, spiritual. uplifunent, self respect. tuid reLitionship Iip5. The MO ‘oting., organizers were very ap preciative to Bethlehem’s Boxer Store for supplying them with a R500 gift voucher which bought snacks for the event. The purpose of the event was a celebra tion of wontatthood, a networking opportu nity for all ihe wornon present there, to uplift each Other and M form a connedion of sue cessful and strong growing, leaders. 1:41 photo: 1 r The spwkers at the event, MIR Sekoda, Tshepiso Waive, AnnelengMk Alcimpha .114 nfoung and Retha1iite rip right photo: A ffi.%eor..0.h.”0 Joking plan during the inativatimai Ne561.001 BOOM right pingo: Nome of the allerldalliS. Jv Gift Moloi