Boxer partners with Nedbank to empower youth


Local news Boxer partners with Nedbank to empower youth Boxer prides itself upskilling pupils from across South Africa and Swaziland through the Boxer youth leadership programme. 43 mins ago The 45 pupils who were selected from Boxer’s competition at the Boxer youth leadership programme in Zinkwazi, KwaZulu-Natal. Boxer partnered with Nedbank in an annual Boxer youth leadership programme which saw disadvantaged youth empowered in leadership training in Zinkwazi, last Friday. Boxer launched a competition, where applicants had to write a 500 word essay about what they would do if R10, 000 was deposited into their bank account. In response, Boxer received over a thousand essays, in which only 45 essays were selected. “Forty five girls and boys from different parts of the country flew down to KwaZulu-Natal for this programme. We also had three pupils from Swaziland that are part of the programme. The BoxerYouth Leadership Programme has been in existence for 17 years but has only been in partnership with Nedbank for five years. The programme is aimed at standardizing and equipping disadvantaged youth with the same leadership training grounds available to pupils from more fortunate homes,” Jaco Swart, head of Nedbank Retail, Business Banking Marketing and communications said. The six-day long youth leadership programme saw many youngsters challenge their limits, confront their fears and inspire life-long confidence that will enable them to determine their own fate, no matter the obstacles they encounter. “Boxers commitment to giving pupils from across South Africa and eSwatini the opportunity of a lifetime through the Boxer youth leadership programme has grown in leaps and bounds. Boxer is passionate about enhancing the value of education and strives to positively shape the minds of today and the leaders of tomorrow,” Jade Skinner, digital supervisor of Boxer said. Skinner added that the pupils learned to trust, support and motivate each other as they navigated through a series of unique challenges that include abseiling, climbing wall, target shooting, navigating a lazy river on their own self-built rafts during the week. Skinner said, “You only need to listen to them share experiences over the camp fire each night to see how much learning they have achieved and how much pride they feel at their hard-won-self-reliance and confidence.” Boxer prides itself upskilling pupils from across South Africa and Swaziland through the Boxer youth leadership programme.