Boxer helps build home for visually impaired student

Image 1: Starting to take shape: Thanks to the dedicated work from a group of passionate volunteers, Veli Vilakati will soon have a brand new home!
Image 2: The remarkable project is nearing completion thanks to the efforts of the community, the Shiselweni Regional Police Commissioner and her volunteer officers, the Fire Emergency Services, the Young Heroes Organisation from Germany and Boxer Nhlangano.
Image 3: Many people jumped on board to help build Veli Vilakatia a home!

In the small town of Nsongweni in the Shiselweni region, an act of kindness has touched the hearts of the community and ensured that the life of a visually impaired school boy will forever be changed for good and Boxer has been lucky enough to play a part in that story.

In the early days of the New Year Shiselweni Regional Police Commissioner Wendy Hleta started a project which would see Eswatini Shiselweni Police, German NGO Young Heroes and Boxer build a home for a visually impaired scholar from Evelyn Baring High School.

Veli Vilakati was discovered by Commissioner Hleta who realised the final year school pupil did not have a home nor did he have anyone who could take care of him. “Commissioner Hleta immediately organised volunteers from her police team and started working on a new home for Veli.  He approached Boxer Nhlangano for assistance, knowing that we are the community champion and have helped communities across eSwatini” said Boxer Nhlangano Store Manager Isreal Dlamini.

The home building project has a number of volunteers assisting. “We have eSwatini Shiselweni officers and community members taking time off to help voluntarily and the whole project is sponsored by the Young Heroes Organisation from Germany. Boxer wanted to be a part of this great community project so we organised food for all the volunteers who are giving so much of their time and effort to help,” added Dlamini.

“The volunteers were surprised by our donation and said the food gave them that energy and motivation needed to finish the house. Even the Germans said that it was really inspiring to see a company do so much for communities and hoped other businesses would do the same, in Africa and around the world,” added Dlamini. “Thank you to everyone who helped me. This means a lot and I just want you to know that I am really grateful and happy,” said Veli.

Veli’s home is scheduled for completion in under a month.