Boxer Hunger Relief Programme to feed dozens of hunger families

Boxer Hunger Relief Programme to feed dozens of hunger families Dozens of hungry families are able to sit down to the able and enjoy a meal in these difficult times thanks to the Boxer Hunger Relief Programme. Did you know that you could be part of this? RUSTENBURG HERALD RUSTENBURG In the time we are living in, no one needs to be reminded that thousands of families are finding it increasingly difficult to put food on the table. As the community champion, Boxer and Fruit Blast product, Boxer will donate is dedicated to serving and giving 10c from every product purchased. back those communities it serves and 3 Go to, click on the shoppers who support Boxer everyday. “Hunger Relief” link and let us know how Did you know there are three ways that much you are able to donate and Boxer you could be part of this? will make contact with you to facilitate 1 You can donate any product when your cash donation. you are shopping with Boxer. Simply pay Remember all donations will be for the product and then place it into the collected every week and identified collection trolley that is placed at the NPOs per store will be assisted in the front of every Boxer store. communities Boxer serves. Remember 2 Every time that you buy any Best “together we do make a difference!” This Cook, Shibobo, Golden Ray, Fresh message is brought to you by Boxer Wave, Teddy Soft, Boxer, Baby Steps your Community Champion! Boxer personnel doing their part to make sure that hunger aid to hungry and poor families in Boxer’s Hunger Relief Programme are ready to be rolled out. Remember you can support this campaign by shopping at Boxer your Community Champion today!