Boxer opens store in Langa


ADVERTISING FEATURE Boxer opens store in Langa tODA CARO AT EMMA Ply ita VOW ‘6″ “” Are 110.OV „ THE COMMUNITY of Langa has patiently awaited the arrival of national retailer, Boxer Superstores. It has been 3 years since the retailer’s entry into the Western Cape and they have used every opportu nity to become one of the most trusted and loved brands in the country. With their innovative cam paigns, low prices across staple goods and an array “When we open in an area, we wish to serve the community in the best ways that we can.” of service offerings, Boxer opened their inviting doors just over a week ago to a very enthusiastic public. The price munity champion has prov en time and time again that customers are at the centre of their business. Their opening promotion was welcomed by the commu nity and the store has been overflowing with happy, satisfied customers. “When we open in an area, we wish to serve the community in the best ways that we can. Seeing smiles on our customers’ faces is such a reward. We are so excited about being part of this amazing community” said Boxer Langa’s Store Manager, Yongama Maqoma. In times of tighter bud gets and limited impulse purchases, Boxer has again proven that despite the economic challenges they will still offer their customers more for less. Their opening in Langa see’s Boxer in four prom inent locations within the Western Cape Province. The expansion of this maverick brand has been well supported and contin ues to impress with every new store. It also provides employ ment opportunities for the community as majority of their new staff is locally sourced and trained. This has created a very positive relationship between the retailer and community. “We believe strongly in giving back to the people who give to us through their purchases. Therefore, reinvesting within the community through upliftment projects and employment opportuni ties helps us function in uni ty towards a common goal” shared Prenella Govender, Boxer’s Advertising and PR Manager. After a successful opening week, the commu nity has high expectations of Boxer and looks forward to taking advantage of all the wonder campaigns and community projects the customer centric retailer will offer in the near future. ’41 Never pay more than the , _K price Address: Corner of Washington and Thabo Mbeki Street Website: Facebook: @BoxerSupertsores