Boxer Youth Leadership success 2018

Boxer Youth Leadership success 2018 NATIONAL retailer Boxer Superstores celebrated its 16th annual Youth Leadership Programme this year. Wanting to ensure that the youth are empowered to make the right decisions and follow a positive path in life, Boxer Superstores partnered with Nedbank to host the programme. A fiveday youth leadership camp was held in Zinkwazi, equipping learners with soft and hard life skills. This year 45 students from across South Africa and Swaziland were selected to attend. Learners were required to write an essay in response to this topic ‘If you had just three wishes, what would they be and why?’ The retailer received thousands of entries. ‘Each year the level of essay submissions improves in terms of structure, creativity and individuality. The topic presented this year allowed students the opportunity of expressing their inner most desires and creativity as they wished to be,’ said Jade Skinner, Boxer’s Digital Marketing Coordinator. After five days of intense teambuilding, discussions and bonding, strangers became friends and in no time, friends became family. Each of the 45 learners who entered the BYLP 2018 camp left with a new found sense of selfbelief, confidence and appreciation of who they are and what they have.

Lizwi Vuyiswa Shabalala of Manguzi and Mandisa Zulu of Ulundi learned a few new things at the youth leadership camp

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