They gather each year, hopeful young boys and girls from diverse backgrounds – strangers to each others lives, to learn a vital lesson: true education is not found in knowledge, but in the desire and pursuit of knowledge. The concept is key to the annual Boxer Youth Leadership Programme which has now been in existence for 18 years. It is a programme designed to provide a disadvantaged youth with the same leadership training grounds available to learners from more fortunate homes.

The 6 day adventure filled programme provides a platform for learners to challenge their limits, confront their fears and inspire a life-long confidence that will enable them to determine their own fate, no matter the obstacles they encounter. Mature, teenage boys and girls learn to trust, support and motivate each other as they navigate a series of unique challenges that include abseiling, climbing wall, target shooting, navigating a lazy river on their own self-built rafts and so much more. You only need to listen to them share experiences over the camp-fire each night to see how much learning they have achieved and how much pride they feel at their hard-won-self-reliance and confidence.

Each year, as participants graduate, they embrace each other with laughter and tears, no longer seeing their differences but instead their shared similarities, knowing that even strangers can bring a wealth of learning through shared experience. Boxers commitment to skilling learners from across South Africa & Swaziland through the Boxer Youth Leadership Programme, has grown in leaps and bounds. Boxer is passionate about enhancing the value of education and strives to positively shape the minds of today’s young learners and the leaders of tomorrow.

To enter, fill in the entry form and write your 500 word essay to answer this question: “Why should Boxer pick me to be part of this Youth Leadership Programme?”
Entries close 17 February 2020.

Ages: Grade 9, 10 or 11 (16 – 18 years)
When: 23 March - 28 March 2020
Where: Suela Zimbili Adventure Centre in Zinkwazi, KwaZulu Natal
Activities: Abseiling, zip lining, raft-building, wall climbing, obstacle course, archery, high ropes and much more!


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I confirm that my parent(s)/guardian has given me consent to enter this competition. I confirm that I alone have written this essay. I am aware that I will be required to travel to KZN for 6 days and will need to comply with the rules and regulations as set out by Boxer during this time.
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Food, transport and accommodation will be fully covered by Boxer. Winners will be notified telephonically in March 2020. No Boxer staff members or their respective families are permitted to enter this competition. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The Boxer Youth Leadership Programme is part of the “Ubuntu Projects” which is Boxer’s community upliftment campaign.