Ubuntu Projects

Ubuntu Projects

In a world defined by the individual drive for success no matter the cost, success can come at a heavy price. Ubuntu, as a reminder of our inter-connectedness, urges us to strive not for the betterment of ourselves, but for the betterment of us all.

It is through others, through their perceptions and acceptance of who we are that we are given a stronger, more stable, place to stand and face our futures. Boxer’s Ubuntu Projects is an integral part of the way in which the company finds a stable place to stand within its community.

We are not a company; we are a community champion with a focus on ensuring that our customers are treated well not only within our stores, but outside as well. Their health, safety and well-being is our primary concern and through our Ubuntu Projects we know that the community are able to see how much we have appreciated their support in the lengths we will go to in giving back to the community.

Every year, our Ubuntu Projects provide over R5 million in various donations to those individuals and non-profit organisations in our community that need it the most. Each day, our relationship with our loyal customers is enhanced through our appreciation from their support and our sincere desire to give back and to provide them with the resources they need to live happy, healthy lives.

Boxer is more than just a low price food and services supermarket, we are a community champion entrusted with ensuring that our community is able to develop and grow through our investment. However, no applications for funding/assistance will be considered if sent through via email. All requests are to be handled between the Boxer store management and the respective non profit organisation or applicant.


Caring For Our Schools & Children

Boxer assists many predefined community schools so that these schools in turn can enable and equip their learners.

As a business Boxer makes regular contributions to community schools by donating mainly groceries, stationary and sporting equipment helping to ease the burden of many community schools that face mounting financial pressures. Through Boxer’s commitment in assisting schools and overall education in our country, many learners have adopted Boxer ‘s spirit of Ubuntu and in-turn have developed community outreach projects. This has benefited the communities at large and seems to have a positive domino effect.

Boxer Youth Leadership Programme

They gather each year, hopeful young boys and girls from diverse backgrounds – strangers to each others lives, to learn a vital lesson: true education is not found in knowledge, but in the desire and pursuit of knowledge. The concept is key to the annual Boxer Youth Leadership Programme which has now been in existence for its second decade. It is a programme designed to provide a disadvantaged youth with the same leadership training grounds available to learners from more fortunate homes.

The 5 day adventure filled programme provides a platform for learners to challenge their limits, confront their fears and inspire a life-long confidence that will enable them to determine their own fate, no matter the obstacles they encounter. Mature, teenage boys and girls learn to trust, support and motivate each other as they navigate a series of unique challenges that include abseiling, climbing wall, target shooting, navigating a lazy river on their own self-built rafts and so much more. You only need to listen to them share experiences over the camp-fire each night to see how much learning they have achieved and how much pride they feel at their hard-won-self-reliance and confidence.

Each year, as participants graduate, they embrace each other with laughter and tears, no longer seeing their differences but instead their shared similarities, knowing that even strangers can bring a wealth of learning through shared experience. Boxers commitment to skilling learners from across South Africa & Swaziland through the Boxer Youth Leadership Programme, has grown in leaps and bounds. Boxer is passionate about enhancing the value of education and strives to positively shape the minds of today’s young learners and the leaders of tomorrow.



The amount of people who are in need of free health care increases at a staggering rate. And with the tremendous financial strains that government hospitals and clinics find themselves under it becomes difficult for them to meet the needs of the masses.

Boxer noticed that many of those deprived of proper health care facilities made up a large number of our shopper population and we made a conscious commitment to uplift the paediatric health care situation of our customers.

Boxer has given back by revamping paediatric wards in a multitude of community hospitals. By working together with non-profit organisations, many paediatric wards in various hospitals across the country have been completely transformed from a sterile environment to a happy, colourful place of recovery where sick children can improve in a more attractive surrounding. The brightly coloured painted walls, DVD and television sets, children’s movies, Disney character wall murals, blankets, toys and children’s furniture all aim to help these children during their healing process while alleviating the financial pressures felt by the hospital.

In an effort to offer an element of excitement and to distract little patients from their health circumstances, Boxer staff members often visit their community hospitals and treat patients and nurses to delicious cakes and other refreshments. This is just another way that Boxer invests in the lives of their community members by spreading joy and good cheer.

Small Business Development

Small Business Development

Agricultural Farming Co-ops

The wealth of South Africa’s future can be found in the sand and dirt of the tilled lands of small community farmers. Over 90% of agriculturally viable farming land remains unused in part because of the little opportunity given to small-scale farmers in a market dominated by large-scale agricultural goliaths.

Boxer strives to redress this by purchasing fresh produce from small-scale subsistence farmers for resale in our stores. The fair prices offered to the suppliers and our customers ensures that subsistence farmers are able to compete locally and plan for their own expansion and development.

Growing together with our local farmers is something of great importance to Boxer. The Siyazisiza Trust is an organisation that Boxer, in association with the Ackerman Foundation, works closely with to provide training to various small-scale farmers. This mutually beneficial relationship helps local farmers learn about their land and how to care for it; as well as how to run their business. Boxer stores in various Provinces purchase their freshly harvested crops and resell them to customers.

By providing a place where small-scale farmers are able to sell their produce, Boxer encourages growth in the farming sector, aiding the boost in employment and providing stability in a very fragile, under-utilised sector. Seeds, fertilizer and farming equipment are also donated regularly towards the sustainability of small-scale subsistence farming and other related organisations.

Cop Stop

Cop Stop

Valuing what our many police officers do to keep our stores, staff and customers safe every day, Boxer expresses our appreciation by offering a free cup of coffee or tea to all police officers on duty. This has been our way of building relationships and offering our gratitude for years to our community guardians and protectors. We do this as a way to remind police officers that their efforts are not overlooked by the business community and that we will always recognise what they do in bringing safety and security to our streets, home and places of work. This is why seeing police officers exchanging a smile and friendly conversation with Boxer staff members over a hot cup of tea or coffee is not an uncommon sight within any of our stores.

Our ‘Bust of the Month’ incentive takes place every month whereby Boxer further recognises the excellence and perseverance of our officers when we award those who have achieved notable arrests despite the risk posed to them personally. Our close relationship with the Police Service has brought safety into our stores and has ensured that the officers who stand in our defence are never overlooked but rather applauded. Honouring our police heroes is important to Boxer and we will continue to give them the praise they deserve.



With each stride taken, the runner pushes the boundaries of human tolerance. Body tensed as determined feet strike the ground. Filled with adrenalin and hope with only one thing on their mind, the finish line!

For many, athletics is not just a way to pass time, but a lifestyle choice. Noticing the immense raw talent within the disadvantaged areas surrounding Boxer stores, it was an easy decision for Boxer to want to nurture the potential of determined and dedicated athletes. From this decision, the idea of an Athletics Club was born.

The Boxer Athletics Club was established in 2005 and has grown over the years from strength to strength. Providing support to professional and amateur athletes alike, the Boxer Athletics Club is a Club that is admired by many in the industry. With a striking kit in the Boxer red, yellow, white and black – the Club athletes proudly fly the Boxer flag high. The strength of the Boxer Athletics Club lies in the abilities of its athletes. The Boxer Athletics Club produced its first winner of the Spar Ladies Grand Prix series 2015, namely Lebogang Phalula, with her twin sister Lebo Phalula taking the 2nd position and with Janene Carey winning the 40+ catogory. The Club also had athletes that represented South Africa at the World Athletics Championships, namely Desmond Mokgabu (World Marathon Championship), Lebo Phalula. Lucky Mohale won the SA Half marathon Championship. There are many other Club athletes as well, who have made and continue to make great strides in the world of sports and Boxer is proud to have them wear our branding. Boxer is also dedicated to uplifting the development of community sporting clubs.

Fully branded soccer kits have been handed out to an overwhelming number of schools in support of their athletic dreams. Soccer tournaments have been sponsored in an effort to positively influence the free time that youngsters have. Boxer uses various initiatives to enhance the presence of sports in disadvantaged communities and to lay a foundation for future athletes to be realised. The Chairman of the Boxer Athletics Club is the company’s Marketing Director, Andrew Mills. All club related queries need to be channelled through to the Club Manager, Rhyn Swanepoel on 076 456 9733 or by sending an email to rhyn.swanepoel@gmail.com.
Visit our Boxer Athletics Club Website for more info here



Boxer believes in giving back to our shoppers through a number of different initiatives. There are many big scale projects that gain media coverage, however, many are not aware that each Boxer store independently supports their respective community non-profit organisations every month. Food parcels, hardware equipment, educational supplies and many other forms of donations are continuously done.

Boxer staff form a close relationship with their local churches, schools, creches, children’s homes, disability centres, shelters and other non-profit organisations. And in a bid to alleviate poverty and abuse within the respective areas, Boxer invests in community development projects.

Boxer is aware of the various needs within the communities it trades in. The company believes that it is our responsibility to do as much as we can to help the very people who spend at Boxer’s tills – our community members! Helping our shoppers live a better life is important to Boxer because we care for our community.

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