Boxer Liquors

Boxer Liquors are located alongside existing trading Boxer supermarkets, often with the store entrance positioned alongside one another allowing for ease of access for either the supermarket or the liquor outlet. Boxer Liquors carry a focused range of in demand leading alcoholic beverages for the area that this brand offering serves.

Hand in hand with supermarket offering

Boxer Liquors is an effective trading department that successfully coexists alongside Boxer supermarkets. The company views this important brand extension of part of the overall offering of the consumer Boxer product mix.

New generation Liquor stores

Boxer Liquors has superbly infused the new generation aesthetics as can be seen in the primary modern looking Boxer supermarkets. Utilising the base of the famous Boxer red colour a wooden finish complements the overall ambience of the store.

Attracting more footfall

The mass market consumer base demand for liquor purchases sees them continue to frequent retail liquor outlets on a regular basis. This attracts large numbers of footfall to the located liquor outlets.

For customers’ tastes

Boxer Liquors carries a focused range of alcoholic beverages which are sold at competitive prices. This format easily caters for the individual customer through to the taverns & shebeens that also purchase the liquor requirements from them.

Exciting Promotions

The highly promoted and locally advertised liquor deals ensure that shoppers always have a reason to shop at the Boxer Liquor outlets. This offering definitely leans on the ethos that is carried over from the mother brand supermarket offering, in Boxer.