Boxer Overview

Boxer’s aesthetic positioning as ‘Africa’s Favourite Discount Supermarket’ truly matches the expectations of a demanding, proud and aspirant shopper.

Boxer’s low price model builds on its existing strength in buying and efficient distribution to meet the shoppers’ expectations of branded products in close proximity locations.

This discounter’s low cost operating model allows it to drive efficiencies through internal product supply efficiencies, for example; with a ‘no unnecessary frills’ policy in place to drive the operating costs down further for the Boxer company.

With Boxer’s curated range of products, shoppers will find the brands they most love, reinforcing the ‘favourite’ positioning of this discount retailer.

The boldly executed price ticketing and discount messaging in-store catapults all shoppers into an environment which reassures them that when it comes to their households’ needs that they must ‘Never pay more than the Boxer price.’

Boxer Superstores

Boxer is a full-service supermarket providing a curated range that shoppers need in their day-to-day lives. As well as a variety of low priced products – including popular FMCG brands – through to convenient services; ‘Africa’s Favourite Discount Supermarket’ also boasts the in-store departments which include a full service bakery, butchery, hot foods delicatessen, a fruit & vegetable zone through to the ever popular Money Kiosk counter. With a flexible model in place the Boxer brand offering can be competitively adapted in size depending on space availability. Stores are located in all provinces across South Africa and in the Kingdom of eSwatini. Our Boxer Head Office is based in Westville, KwaZulu-Natal.

Africa’s Favourite Discount Supermarket

Boxer prides itself at being one of the first discounter retail offerings to best cater for the needs of the greater consumer mass market; providing a brand that continues to evolve with their ever aspiring expectations. The foundation of Boxer which makes it a shopper favourite is its clearly defined tagline ‘Never pay more than the Boxer price’.

New Generation Supermarkets

With its supermarket shelving, having moved away from its previous high racking, surrounded by strong African colours which are completed with an inspirational wood finish to the overall look, this fully porcelain tiled, LED lit store makes Boxer’s new generation discount supermarket an aesthetic addition to any new property development.

Low Price Champion

Boxer’s value proposition is based on highlighted promotional and low pricing, edified by the pricing on all products that are both clear and visible. Complementing its diverse through-the-line marketing communication, the in-store promotional triggers reinforce the Brand’s positioning by offering low prices on favourite choices.

Hero Categories

Boxer’s new generation stores consciously place ‘traffic drivers’ in carefully selected areas. In addition more space for hero categories is created to boast a stand-out look & feel – grey tiling and LED lighting. It is our strategic intent to ensure a ‘Butchery store-within-a-store’ positioning coupled with the ability to see this department impactfully.

Services & Fresh

Our shoppers’ reliance on Boxer’s ‘all under one roof’ offering allows for them to draw money at the tills, pay their accounts through to doing money transfers. These services are made available at any Boxer till and at the designated Money Kiosk. The cornerstone offerings within every Boxer store are its famous bakery, hot foods deli and fruit & vegetable sections which are daily attractions for spending shoppers.