As South Africans
strives to create better conditions for pupils in classrooms across the
country, Boxer Empangeni has heeded the call and ensured that a local school
has enough writing material to get the most out of their 2020 year of learning.

“We recently learnt
that a school in the community we serve, Nongweleza High School, was in
desperate need of exercise books to conduct proper learning and school work. We
had to step in and lend a hand,” said Boxer Empangeni Branch Manager Ndumiso Zwane.  Zwane sent his store’s assistant branch
manager Anita Radebe to the school with dozens of exercise books for the pupils. “Now they
can put pen to paper and concentrate on their studies,” added Zwane.

The low price discount
supermarket has a long history in Empangeni. “Boxer originally opened its first
store in Empangeni in 1977. Over four decades later and this amazing town
continues to hold a special place in our hearts at Boxer so, when we hear that
our community is in need, we make every effort to assist,” said Boxer Marketing
Director Andrew Mills.

“We want our communities to grow and for that we
need to ensure our school children have access to the right tools to learn.
This donation of exercise books will assist the class of 2020 in achieving
their goals,” added Zwane