Help after storm tragedy

Help after storm tragedy Boxer Cala Superstore provides food for 250 families whose homes were destroyed by a storm . _ GIVING SPIRIT: The staff of Cala Boxer deliver groceries to 250 people left devastated by a recent storm in the area Picture: SUPPLIED Five people including a small child were killed when a horrific storm tore through Cala during the night near the end of September. The storm damaged 39 homes, leaving many families homeless and without food. Twelve people had to be hospitalized and an estimated 250 people required nourishment. To make matters worse, many animals, used for food, were also killed in the storm. “By the time the sun had risen the next morning to reveal the severe damage that had been caused by the storm, Boxer Cala Superstore had already mobilized a team to help,” according to a statement from the supermarket. “When we arrived at the scene everything was a mess,” said Boxer regional manager Sobs Dlima. “It was so quiet. No one was walking around and you could feel the pain in the air. It was a sad and terrible thing to see. “Most of the people living here had lost everything.” Manzimdaka Khutuka, the headman of the Cala area said: “It is the first time I have seen natural destruction like this. “We thought it was just a normal storm but then we heard a loud crashing sound and our roofs were ripped off and our walls crumbled. It was horrific.” DI ima realized that without immediate help, those affected by the storm would starve. Cala Boxer delivered enough food to keep the families nourished so that they could begin repairing their damaged homes. “Boxer has again shown that it serves the community. “Sometimes this means serving shoppers in store when tragedy strikes. “Boxer is glad we could help,” DI ima said.