THE Highway Mail is thrilled to donate R10 000 worth of food, translated into 75 food parcels plus fresh veges and fruit, to the Robin Hood Foundation. The donation was made possible by Boxer Superstores which rewarded the Highway Mail for continuing to publish local news despite the lockdown. “Throughout the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, you and your team have continued to bring news, views and content to your readers in the Highway area and beyond,” said the marketing director of Boxer Superstores, Andrew Mills. “For this you must be commended. At Boxer we know how vital your role is to society. It is with this in mind that we would like to present you with Boxer Food hampers to the value of R10 000 for you to support any organisation aligned to our shoppers in the Highway area and also aligned to a Robin Hood Foundation beneficiary. “As a pillar of community news over the better part of 71 years, it is our belief that it is only correct to give you back something to add to the massive value you already bring to the people of the Highway area. “The Highway Mail is indeed humbled and thanks Boxer Superstores for its kind words and especially for the mammoth donation. So many people are struggling during lockdown and this huge donation will benefit many. The foundation is taking the donation to its community partner, Christian Social Services,” said the editor of the Highway Mail, Michelle Dennis. Read about the extent of The Robin Hood Foundation’s work during lockdown on page 5. “This is an incredible and massive donation which will make such a difference to 75 families who will feed in the region of 2 100 people for about two weeks,” said The Robin Hood Foundation’s Kim Griffith Jones. “Thank you everyone for making this possible.”

Two bakkies filled to the brim with 75 food parcels, vegetables and fruit from Boxer Superstores arrived at the Highway Mail car park on Tuesday 2 June . Highway Mail journalist, Sanelisiwe Tsinde; marketing director of the Boxer Superstores, Andrew Mills and The Robin Hood Foundation’s Kim Griffith Jones. PHOTO: Lloyd Mackenzie