Morning boost for kasi pupils

orning boo for kasi pupil ICC By SUN REPORTER MANY schools in impoverished areas in South Africa have to face the challenge of teaching young children on empty stomachs. Bhekamafa Primary School in Ndwedwe is one of those schools in need of support to keep their pupils fueled throughout the day. Boxer Superstores, upon hearing about the school’s nutritional dilemma, rushed in to assist by supplying breakfast porridge to ensure pupils start their day on a full stomach. “We heard about the school and realised that we had to step in,” said store manager Sandile Mbatha. “We chose Golden Ray Porridge as it contains all the important vitamins and minerals children need throughout the day to learn.” Teacher Delisile Ngcobo said the donation would make a big difference to the many children. “These children want to learn but it is tough to do so on an empty stomach,” she said. Soft porridge for pupils of Bhekamafa Primary School in Ndwedwe.