Left: Khanyisa Janda, Nomachu le Baleni and Nontlahla Bhulu water the crops. Photo by Mbulelo Sisulu By MBULELO SISULU WATCHING kids scavenging for food at a dump was too much for a group of caring residents. The 10 concerned members of the community of Dutywa in the Eastern Cape came together earlier this year to do something about it. They started the Linomso Communi ty Child Centre, which now caters for more than 30 poor children. Co founder Nontlahla Bhulu de scribed the situation in squatter camps around Dutywa as “sad”. “These people are surrounded by pov erty and go to the dump to look for food. One day, I approached Nomachule Bale ni about the situation and we decided to start this centre,” she said. “We approached eight other people and agreed to buy food for the kids from our own pockets. We cook for them and serve them breakfast and lunch,” said Nontlahla. She said the centre also had class rooms where they taught the kids from 9am to 2pm. “Some of these kids do not have birth certificates because their mums are too busy boozing. It’s very shocking. It means some of these kids can’t be en rolled in school,” she said. Nomachule said the community pro vided them with land to start a garden. “We grow vegetables for the kids. We also get food parcels from Boxer Super market. Other shops also help some times,” she said. “The poverty is very bad in the squat ter camps. I wish the government would do something. We do laundry and cook for these kids. We also assist those at school with their homework.” Anyone who wants to help is asked to contact Nomachule on 071 935 2693.