Teamwork Yields Results

Harmony Primary School, Boxer Superstores and Pick n Pay staff with Bryan Habana and JP Duminy to deliver food parcels to Steenberg residents in need. On Saturday 20 June, residents of Steenberg got more than they bargained for when Bryan Habana and JP Duminy made a surprise appearance during the hand out of food parcels at Harmony Primary School. With the Covid 19 pandemic affecting the livelihoods of many, residents of under re sourced communities are feeling the pinch. In an attempt to assist those who are no longer able to put food on their table, Pick n Pay began its Feed the Nation campaign just shy of two months ago. On Saturday, residents of Steenberg were identified to receive food donations. Carina Smith Allin, the head of communications at Pick n Pay, says the impact of the campaign has been felt far and wide. She explains: “We began this project about 52 days ago, and we really started it because of the school children who are not getting that one main meal per day. And the project just escalated into something 20 times bigger than we thought. Up to now, we have raised more than R58 million. We’ve been able to provide just over 13 million meals so far and a hamper like this will feed a family of four for three to four weeks.” But, she says, it would not have been possible without the help of shoppers who donated money and points , donors and organisations like the Bryan Habana Foundation and Kolisi Foundation. Eunice Manasse, the principal at Harmony Primary School, says the parents of learners from the school were identified to receive aid from Pick n Pay’s donors and shoppers, Boxer Superstores and other collaborators. “The need in this community is massive,” she says. While Siya Kolisi, the captain of the South African rugby team, was delivering parcels near Port Elizabeth on the day, former Springbok rugby player Bryan Habana and cricketer JP DumMy were handing over parcels at the Steenberg school. “I’ve been doing this in the community for about seven weeks now and I think the need in the community is only going to rise in the future,” says Habana. “As a professional athlete, as someone who has been blessed to see the power that sport has to make a difference, I am now able to give back and give a little bit of relief to those who so dearly need it.” Habana says collaboration isn’t about who has the most money, but about making a tangible difference. “Seeing the sincerity and the gratitude in the community is so humbling,” he adds. He thanked his friend and fellow sportsman, Duminy, for handing out parcels and helping out where needed. Having assisted people from more than 3 000 schools across nine provinces, Smith Allin says Colgate’s donations of Protex soaps just the day before the handover was the perfect example of collaboration. “Let’s get together and we’ll make an impact,” she concludes. To make a donation of any kind to the school, call Harmony Primary School on 021 701 3322.