The elders Produce the goods


Koekie Jacobsz golf day winners Leon Petersen and Stuart Hanlon, seen receiving their prizes from Margie Lee, Gill and Cassidy Hoffman, while Wayne looks on. The alterations to the entrance of the club are underway, so the committee has requested that you use the side entrance to the golf course. The ‘100 Club’ draw took place on Friday, with a number of members enjoying the evening special of loin chops and veggies. Well done to CD du Toit for winning the draw and to Magda Cullen for scooping the consolation prize. The Koekie Jacobsz Senior Centre fund raiser was held on Saturday after the parkrun.The runners, after their gruelling 5km, looked much like they could have checked into the home for a good rest. One or two members seemed quite interested in booking into the place and thought that the raffle ticket was their entry into the centre, rather than just playing golf. I’m sorry to say that just because one bought a raffle ticket, it does not mean that one has booked their place at the centre. The centre does sterling work for the aged community of our town and as most organisations, they rely heavily on the support of the public for donations to keep up the good work. Sticking to the old age theme, Paul Simon who corroborated on a number of songs with our own Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Miriam Makeba retired completely from songwriting and performing the other day. I doubt he will be checking into the Koekie Jacobsz Centre anytime soon, but it then sprang to mind that a number of his songs were or could have been written about our country and its people. The Sound of Silence could be for all those in positions of influence during the Gupta debacle. You Can Call Me p A1, refers to the jobs that are given out to family and friends, etc. The Boxer could refer to the MP who assaults security personnel and journalists. Bridge Over Troubled Waters is for just about all the various departments that handle the precious substance. Me And Julius Still Down In The Schoolyard needs no explanation, as well as I Am A Rock. Diamonds On The Soles Of Their Shoes could well be written for the new elite of our tender country. His song, Mother And Child Reunion, contrary to popular belief, is not about a chicken and an egg being served up on the same plate. The sprightly elder of Leon Petersen who teamed up with a much younger, better looking, healthier and slimmer Stuart Hanlon sorry LP Stuart paid me romped home with 46 points to claim victory. Certainly, the wise and level head of Leon had much to do with this fine win, as I’m told by him that he had to keep the wild tempered Irishman under control and ensure that plenty of focus juice was at hand to keep his concentration levels anchored on the golf sorry, Stuart LP paid me . Enrico Bozza and Gerald Boardman were next home on 44 points, with senior citizen Enrico looking the worse for wear and ready to check into Koekie Jacobsz. Ash Ranoo and Rajen Harillal finished third on 41 points. A lot of blahdy blah is said about age, but Saturday’s results certainly showed that the youth could not do it all on their own as the seniors certainly pulled their weight and there was quite a lot of it on show in ensuring they are not passed it yet. There were three two clubs on the day, the Leon with two and Murray Hume taking the money. The nearest the pins also went to the aged in Dave Salmond at the 8th and Murray at the 3rd and 12th. Well done to Margie Lee, Gill and Cassidy Hoffman for the tireless efforts in organising a superb golf day to raise much needed money for the Koekie Jacobsz Senior Centre. It really warms the heart to see so many of our members give of their time and hard earned cash to the many worthy causes that our town has. Keep up the good work. This weekend sees the Boardman Club Championships take place, starting with a cocktail party and an auction of players on Friday evening, so bring cash to the club and buy a player. You can win the big bucks if you have chosen the right player. All people are welcome but those with money are more welcome than others; my apologies to George Orwell. WHAT’S ON AT THE CLUB: SATURDAY 13th SPRINGBOK LODGE MONTHLY MUG. Boardman Brother psokkotty pk,c$4,kis, 71, 202.q C44 4 b ik‘4,1.4,9 Show starts Sneak prey’ IOW Pp Way 5th Apett ca.00kor Parry knn Pr4yer enrciJort 16:10112ii Koekie Jacobsz runners up Enrico Bozza and Gerald Boardman, seen receiving their prizes from Margie Lee, Gill and Cassidy Hoffman, while Wayne looks on.