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Education, whether at school level or through furthering skills within the workplace, is vital for the community in which Boxer serves. The various education initiatives successfully assist the youth and promote career defining paths through a series of opportunities including the Boxer Youth Leadership Programme through to the Boxer Training Department…

Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

They gather each year, hopeful young boys and girls from diverse backgrounds to learn a vital lesson: true education is not found in knowledge, but in the desire and pursuit of that knowledge.

This concept is key to the annual Boxer Youth Leadership Programme which has been in existence since 2002. The Programme is designed to provide disadvantaged youth with the same leadership training grounds available to learners from more fortunate homes. The five day adventure-filled Programme provides a platform for learners to challenge their limits, confront their fears and inspire a life-long confidence that will enable them to determine their own fate, no matter the obstacles they encounter. Mature, teenage boys and girls learn to trust, support and motivate each other as they navigate a series of unique challenges that includes abseiling and navigating a lazy river on their self-built rafts. You only need to listen to them share their experiences around the camp-fire each night to see how much they have learnt and the amount of pride they feel at their hard-won independence and confidence.

Each year, as participants graduate, they embrace each other with laughter and tears, no longer seeing their differences but their shared similarities.

Boxer’s commitment to uplifting learners from across South Africa and eSwatini through the Boxer Youth Leadership Programme has proven fruitful over the years. Many success stories of past attendees having achieved their dreams have made their way back to Boxer. Boxer is passionate about enhancing the value of education and strives to positively shape the minds of today’s young learners – our leaders of tomorrow.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

Positively shaping the minds of today’s young learners and the leaders of tomorrow.”

– Boxer