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Boxer believes in giving back to our shoppers through a number of different initiatives. There are many big scale projects that gain media coverage, however, many are not aware that each Boxer store independently supports their respective community non-profit organisations every month. Food parcels, hardware equipment, educational supplies and many other forms of donations are continuously done.

Boxer staff form a close relationship with their local churches, schools, creches, children’s homes, disability centres, shelters and other non-profit organisations. And in a bid to alleviate poverty and abuse within the respective areas, Boxer invests in community development projects.

Boxer is aware of the various needs within the communities it trades in. The company believes that it is our responsibility to do as much as we can to help the very people who spend at Boxer’s tills – our community members! Helping our shoppers live a better life is important to Boxer because we care for our community.