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Boxer continuously partners with organisations which assist communities in the health arena. From the upgrading of Paediatric wards to providing smiles for children, the endeavour to assist and help the vulnerable is a pillar of the Boxer Ubuntu Projects.


Bringing Joy to Children:

The amount of children who are in need of free health care increases at a staggering rate. And with the tremendous financial strains that government hospitals and clinics find themselves under, it becomes difficult for them to meet the needs of the masses. Boxer noticed that many of those deprived of proper health care facilities made up a large number of our shopper population and made a conscious commitment to uplift the paediatric health care situation of our customers. Boxer has given back by revamping paediatric wards in a multitude of community hospitals. By working together with non-profit organisation, Crossroads, many paediatric wards in various hospitals have been completely transformed from a sterile environment to a happy, colourful place of recovery; a place where sick children can improve in a more attractive surrounding.

The brightly coloured painted walls, DVD and television sets, children’s movies, Disney character wall murals, blankets, toys and children’s furniture all aim to help these children during their healing process whilst alleviating the financial pressures felt by the hospital. In an effort to offer an element of happiness and to distract little patients from their health circumstances, Boxer staff members often visit their community hospitals and treat patients and nurses to delicious cakes and other refreshments.This is just another way that Boxer invests thousands in the lives of its community members by spreading joy and cheer.

Caring for the vulnerable:

In addition to the paediatric ward restorations, Boxer works with the Smile Foundation to restore smiles to children across South Africa.

The Smile Foundation provides life changing reconstructive surgery to children affected by facial abnormalities such as Cleft Lip and Palate, burns, Moebius Syndrome and other conditions. These children can receive special surgical treatment from world class doctors and specialists.

As Boxer has numerous store locations across the country, it provides communities with a central venue to sign up a loved one who can be referred to the Smile Foundation. Recently, in one year, the foundation assisted more than 291 children. The Smile Foundation also provides assistance to patients in need of transport for hospital visits, shares educational information and it also arranges psychological counselling before, during and after surgery if needed.