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Sport Development

Boxer recognises the important role sport plays in building communities. By providing sport kits, sponsoring teams and managing a team of runners through the Boxer Athletics Club, Boxer continues to empower communities through sport.

Setting The Pace

With each stride taken, the runner pushes the boundaries of human endurance. Body tensed as determined feet strike the ground. Filled with adrenalin and hope with only one thing on their mind, the finish line! For many, athletics is not just a way to pass time but a lifestyle choice. Noticing the immense raw talent within the disadvantaged areas surrounding Boxer stores, it was an easy decision for Boxer to want to nurture the potential of determined and dedicated athletes. From this decision, the idea of an Athletics Club emerged.

The Boxer Athletics Club was established in 2005 and has, over the years grown from strength to strength. Providing support to professional and amateur athletes alike, the Boxer Athletics Club is a club that is admired by many in the athletics fraternity. With a striking kit including the Boxer brand colours, the Club’s athletes proudly fly the Boxer flag high! The strength of the Boxer Athletics Club lies in the abilities of its athletes and that belief was reaffirmed when well recognised Boxer Athletics Club runners were selected to represent South Africa in many Olympic Games.

The greatness of this Club’s athletes was further edified when Elroy Gelant, Tanith Maxwell and Lebo Phalula were selected to compete in South African colours at the Olympic Games. There are many other Club athletes as well who have made, and continue to make, great strides in the world of sports.

Boxer is proud to have our runners wear our Club’s colours. Boxer is also dedicated to uplifting the development of athletics in communities.

Elite runners are sponsored by the Boxer Athletics Club and the promotion of running as a social sport is a key factor in the Club’s mandate. Many of these athletes achieve incredible results and are selected to compete in overseas meets, proudly funded by Boxer.

Supporting Communities Through Cricket:

Cricket unites, builds foundations and creates opportunities for those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. South Africa, being as diverse as it is, has certain areas which have children who are more passionate about cricket than other sport. In the Western Cape, for example, many Boxer shoppers have talented young cricket stars in the making. Boxer seeks to assist those youngsters through sponsorships and joint sporting ventures. The goal is simple: Reignite the passion and enthusiasm for the game of cricket in underprivileged communities and schools. Boxer has worked with many organisations, such as the JP21 Foundation, to achieve the ultimate goal of nurturing and growing the future cricketers for South Africa.

Growing Communities Through Sponsorship:

Fully branded soccer kits have been earned by an overwhelming number of schools and soccer clubs in support of their soccer dreams. Boxer has supported key soccer tournaments in an effort to positively influence the free time that youngsters have. Boxer uses various initiatives to enhance the presence of sports in disadvantaged communities as well as to lay a foundation for future athletes’ dreams to be realised.


Celebrating both social and elite runners in South Africa, the Boxer Super Run will be taking Durban by storm in October as entrants from both an elite and social background participate in this 5km road running event. The Boxer Super Run contributes towards the popularity of shorter road running distances and this year will be a celebration of running, bringing together runners from all walks of life to participate in a fun-filled day. This run is for everyone 9yrs and up - Elite, Non-Elite, Club Runners, Social runners, family and friends - whatever fitness level. Choose your wave for your 5km loop along the Durban Promenade and get ready to aim for PBs or just to have fun! Dress up or dress down and make sure you follow us on social media and share your experience. Each entrant will receive a branded T-shirt & race number with an awesome goodie bag & medal at the finish line!

To enter visit www.stillwatersports.com or https://bit.ly/3YR9a55

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