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Police Service Assistance

Boxer admires and values the efforts the Police Service makes to serve and protect the communities and Boxer staff throughout Southern Africa. Boxer honours these brave men and women through a range of initiatives and assists the police by collaborating on projects which help the community.

Store visits to police stations:

Individual stores often visit police stations based near stores with gifts and hampers to thank the officers for their continued efforts to protect and serve the communities in which Boxer trades. Often a special visit is made by Store Managers to thank the Station Commanders for the efforts their members go to.

Cop Stop:

Valuing what our many police officers do to keep our stores, staff and customers safe every day, Boxer expresses our appreciation by offering a free cup of tea or coffee to all police officers on duty. This has been our way of building relationships and offering our gratitude to our community guardians and protectors over the years.

“…that we will always recognize what they do…”

We do this as a way of reminding police officers that their efforts are never overlooked by the business community and that we will always recognise what they do in bringing safety and security to our streets, homes and places of work. This is why seeing police officers exchanging a smile and friendly conversation with Boxer staff members, over a hot cup of tea or coffee, is not an uncommon sight within any of our stores. A simple act, yet it means so much to honour and appreciate those who put their lives on the line, to protect our own.

SAPS Victim Friendly Facility Renovations:

Boxer recognises the need of those who are affected by crime and that when they do become victims, they turn to our hard working police service for assistance. Boxer has had a long standing relationship with the SAPS and has agreed to work with police stations to revamp their Victim Friendly Facility. If a child or an adult has experienced trauma and needs the help of the SAPS, these revamped rooms provide a calm and comfortable environment where victims can sit and talk to a helpful police officer about the incident.

Police Service Assistance