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Small Business Development

Boxer has a dedicated mandate to support, uplift and create opportunities for Small and Medium Businesses across Southern Africa through empowerment of local individuals and organisations. BBBEE remains a top priority along with the efforts to educate and assist the creation of suppliers that can contribute to the Boxer brand.

Sowing The Seeds of Growth

Assisting Subsistence Farmers:

Boxer has always been a firm believer in that the wealth of country’s future can be found in the sand and dirt of the tilled lands of small community farmers. A large percentage of both South Africa and eSwatini’s agriculturally viable farming land remains unused in part because of the little opportunity given to small-holder farmers in a market dominated by large scale agricultural goliaths.

Boxer strives to redress this by, where possible, purchasing fresh produce from small-holder farmers for resale in our stores. The fair prices offered to the suppliers and our customers, ensure that small-holder farmers are able to compete locally and plan for their own expansion and development.

By providing a place where small-holder farmers are able to sell their produce, Boxer encourages growth in the farming sector, aiding the boost in employment and providing stability in a very fragile, underutilised sector. Seeds, fertiliser and farming equipment are also regularly donated towards the sustainability of small-holder farming and other related organisations.

Boxer believes in offering opportunities to the various communities in which we trade and by aiding the development of small businesses, Boxer is able to do just that – and so much more.

Helping SMME’s Grow:

Boxer helps local small to medium enterprises within the various communities in which we trade, by providing a ready market for their products to be sold at reasonable prices. By doing this, Boxer creates entrepreneurship opportunities, job creation and improves the economic state of the towns and areas. Growing together with our local SMMEs is something of great importance to Boxer. We have a Boxer team dedicated to providing much needed financial and business advice to grow existing and new businesses in an effort to ensure that they become viable contenders within the retail market place.

Supplier Development:

By investing in small and emerging suppliers Boxer has managed to create long lasting partnerships with brands and businesses that contribute to the economy as their businesses grow. Boxer recognises that the development of businesses through support and growth, while these businesses are still at their beginning stages, sets the stage for long term growth and partnership which strengthens the economy as a whole. To add to this, a number of informative entrepreneurial presentations are held throughout the year allowing potential suppliers the opportunity to enhance their efforts and knowledge, ahead of their attempts to engage and form deals with Boxer

Information toolkit for small suppliers: Click Here